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Image Description: Charlotte and her service dog, a tan labradoodle named Fisher, are looking at the camera. Charlotte is smiling and wearing a blue sweatshirt with yellow lettering that says “Bug Camp” and Fisher is wearing a red and white plaid bandana

Welcome to The Bendy Biologist Blog!

Hi everyone! My name is Charlotte, aka the Bendy Biologist, and that’s my service dog, Fisher. I started this blog to share a glimpse into life as a disabled, chronically ill woman pursuing a career in STEM and to advocate and improve accessibility for others in the field like me. I write about different aspects of disability and chronic illness, life as a graduate student, accessibility and diversity in STEM, and important topics in science. I hope that sharing my story, advocating and spreading awareness will help to make STEM and the world more accessible and accepting. If you are new here check out the links below:

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